Monday, September 6, 2010

Glad stock coming

New stock coming... first time ever 16pc Sakura Available for booking RM 420, sakura corningware (round) rm 380

also available 16Pc european herbs rm 430 and corningware rm 400 and petite corningware 2pc set with glass n plastic cover rm150.

18pc winter white frost RM 360

Booking can be made, from now til end of this month, we also provide courier servis, we use Gdex, and insyallah so far, zerro complaint from all our client.

do sms or email us
012 353 9717 /


Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan...

Syukur alhamdulillah,

Sorry to all dearest customer due my silent..

Sorry to announced, NO tea set stock available at the moment!!.

Stock are very limited n hard to get due Raya demand.

Only item stated below available for booking.

I'll be in Malacca, Seremban and KL on 29 August, that would be may last trip to Kl before Raya.

Booking open now, first come first serve basis coz stock is very limited. TQ

Corelle 12pc set available for Sakura, Dainty Floral RM 340

Corele 16pc set: Lillyville, Shadow Iris RM 380

Corelle 18 pc set Kobe, Sakura, European Herbs RM 470

Corelle 21pc Square Wp Rm 600

Corelle 22 pc Plum rm 620

Corelle 26pc wp rm 650

Corningware only available for Country Rose rm380, Warm Pansies rm 420, European Herbs rm 440

Corelle light still available for two design as publish in older post

(** there raya promotion, add 2 dinner plate for 18pc set get all for 20pc only at 520)

Pls don't call, but sms or email.
012 353 9717/


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TOO bz like a minister...

Hi, salam to all my customer,

I'm still alive n the blog is continuing their business as usual, just hard to find time to update all stock.

For all dearest n dedicated customer, here extension stock of your collections, its called CORELLE LIGHT.

But sorry for time being only European Herbs, Sakura & Winter Frost White.

It comes with a pair set :
4pc Oblong Dish Set 1.9L & 2.85L comes with plastic covers RM280 (e/h, sakura, Winter Frost White)
4pc Square Dish Set 1.4L & 2.35L comes with plastic covers RM260 (e/h, sakura, Winter Frost White)


for more details log in :

I'm very sorry to all customer insist to have 16 pc set, the stock is limited, but 16pc set only available for:


SAKURA 12+4 set (check my previous post) RM480


but u can sms me for any design that u'r requested.

interested : sms or email : 012 353 9717/

Thursday, April 22, 2010

18pc set corelle

18 pc includes :
4 dinner, 4 bread&butter, 4 cereal bowl, 2 x 21cm soup plate, 1 x 32cm serving platter, 1x 1L serving bowl, 2 luncheon plate...

Available for :
Warm Pansies rm 420
Lilyville rm 420
European Herbs rm440
Kobe rm 430

Price stated for booking before this SATURDAY 24/4.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Please make your booking this Friday 23 April..

Coz I'll be in KL 2 May... last minute order, SORRY!!

Here new stock coming, since Raya is near the corner, hehehe, (ladies we make a preparation for Raya, from 1st day of last raya rite?? hehehe)

Ok, more PYREX...

RM 38 (SMALL) 500ml

RM 48 (LARGE) 1.5L & 42 (MEDIUM) 1L

RM 55 (BIG ROUND) 1.5L


Pyrex with cover..RM100


RM 370

*** corelle set n corningware set still available as posted before, don't hesitate to ask tru email or sms for any design & set you want)***

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Edition

Since one of my customer asking about this Special Edition of Baba Nyonya Collection, here i upload a picture for ur viewing.

For those who r interested to have this collection, pls grab now, coz it's limited stock only 300 set in the country, seriously no kidding!!

RM 950, set of 24pc it called design Paranakans includes: set of 4 pax : side plate, dinner plate, soup plate, cereal bowl, serving bowl, 1 pc of 1L & 2L serving bowl, 25 & 32cm oval platter
** free tea set of 4 person : 4 cup n 4 saucer**

Contact me while stock last
sms : 012 353 9717
email :

Monday, April 5, 2010

While stock last...

Open for booking and ready to deliver..

Dear valued customer, please make ur order now coz i'll be deliver stock on 15, 16, 17 & 18 April.

Please take note last order can be made on this FRIDAY 9/4/10.

*** order after the due will carry forward for next delivery..

Thank you

SMS or email
012 353 9717 /

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ready stock..

SALAM, open for booking, April delivery...

Lilyville lovers... 16pc set 6 dinner plate, 6 bread n butter, 2 x 21cm soup plate, 1 x 32cm serving platter & 1L serving bowl


Also available Corningware Lilyville 1L, 1.5L & 3L only rm400

OPTIONS : Lilyville set also available for 18pc set RM 480 n 26 set RM620.

Do sms or email me for any enquires....
012 353 9717

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good News for all

April delivery will be made on 15, 16, 17,18 APRIL 2010.

Here stock update to all:

12pc sakura round rm350 ( promotion add ++4 more pieces) rm480
12 pc square rm 440

16pc warm pansies rm380
16pc Plum rm 400

18pc Country rose rm480

26pc lilyville rm 600
26pc Sakura rm650

Tea set package 6 cup n 6 saucer for KOBE, SAKURA, WARM PANSIES & EUROPEAN HERBS (** this is same like corelle material made in USA not porcelain cup made in JAPAN) rm250

but, for others design also available 6 cup n saucer but sorry this is porcelain cup Made In JAPAN rm360, coz u have to buy it loose piece.

LOOSE PIECE also available for any design

32cm serving platter rm 60
1L serving bowl rm 55
dinner plate rm42
21cm soup plate rm 35
Mug rm38
Soup or cereal bowl rm28
Noodle bowl rm 38

Extra..extra, to complete your corelle set

Place mat rm 15 each

**available for any design**

or cutlery set for 12pc rm 150 and for 8 pc rm90.

Dont hesitate to ask about any item that u want to, but pls...since i'm back to corporate world ... i can't answer a phone call but pls sms or email and i will reply a.s.a.p.

012 353 9717

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Salam, sorry lately i'm too bz with my daily work.

New package to offered.

Sakura comes with 12pc set 4 dinner plate, 4 bread butter and 4 cereal bowl rm350. But if u insist to have like 16pc set here new promotion for it just add 4 loose piece item which is 2 dinner plate, 1 serving platter n 1 serving bowl only for RM 130.

Most awaited design, COUNTRY ROSE, here back in the market for 18pc set rm 480
4 dinner plate
4 bread n butter plate
4 cereal bowl
1 serving platter
1 serving bowl
2 luncheon plate

and COUNTRY ROSE CORNINGWARE set 1l, 1.5l & 3l only rm 390
comes with petite pan set 2 x700ml, 1 plastic n glass cover only rm150

Square lovers : 21 pc Lilyville n 21pc Plum RM 580 each.

HUrry make ur order while stock last, coz stock is very limited!!

Tea set still available rm 250 each set KOBE, SAKURA, WARM PANSIES & EUROPEAN HERBS

Other options of corelle set, corningware and anything that posted before still available, don't hesitate to ask!!

012 353 9717

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're back

Salam, thanks to all dearest customer even this trip a bit unprepared i would say, a few items been lost n frustrated, thousand apology to all customer affected, and i'll try to bring your item as been promised next delivery. Sorry again :(

Btw, business must go on...hehehe

Sakura lovers u'r lucky number one, why??
Because Pyrex just launch a jug special for Sakura Owners...

There's is another options jug but sorry i dont have the picture :( but the item have been sold at Jusco, pls check it.

For others please don't be sad, hopefully the item below heal your pain...

cutlery set available for all design n flowers.. RM150


Only RM 440

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last two days..

COUNTDOWN 2...1...***reminder last two day for make any ORDER...
Booking ended tomorrow, any order after tomorrow (FRIDAY 5/2) will be carry forward for March delivery, insyallah 6/3.

Just for review,
SAKURA lovers...
Corningware options:
Round size 0.8L, 1.25L & 2.25L Rm380

OR Square 1.5L, 3L & 5L only rm550 free 2 noodle bowl, and 3 plastic cover.

HERE LIST OF ORDER... **pls take note, if any name or item not in the list even u already make a booking pls sms me 012 353 9717**

Ieda Arif Kulai
16pcs EH x11
16pc WP x 1
26pc round Lilyville x 2
C/ware WP 1
c/ware EH 1
C/ware lillyville 1
Tea set sakura 4, WP 1 & EH 2

Faralieza KL
21pc square WP 1
Tea Set WP 1
Cware WP 1

Hani Bangi
16pc Wp x 2
Cware Wp x1
Tea Set wp x 2

Aja Seremban
Tea set WP 1

Azura Taman Melawati
Tea set WP 1
Cware WP 1
21cm WP x 5

Norli KL
Cware round Sakura
26pc Sakura

Azhar Melaka
16pc plum x 2
Cware Plum x 2
16pc WP x 1
Tea set Wp 1
Cware Wp 1
Mug WP x 6
Mug Plum x 12

Sha Setapak
Tea set EH, Kobe & Sakura

Intan KL
21pc Square WP
Tea Set WP

Zue Ipoh
Cware Dainty Flora
Cware round Sakura

Ayu Keramat
16pc WP x2

Dilla KL
16PC W/P


Norita Bkt Indah
Cware EH

Zainab Setapak
26pc Sakura
Tea set Sakura
Cware round Sakura


Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi everybody and of course corelle's lover...
For your infomation, besides of selling corelle's set, loose piece also available at reasonable n cheaper from the market price, if u have any loose item to be add on, don't hesitate to ask...

Mug available for all design only rm38 per piece.
** this mug made in Japan n it is a porcelain mug**

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY, I'LL BE DELIVER YOUR PRECIOUS DINNERWARE ON 12-13 FEBRUARY 2010. Soooooo....hurry up make your booking while stock last!!

BOOKING OPEN NOW TIL 7/2/2010... Sunday!

*** Reminder: sorry for last minute order...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

owh lazzzzzy mood

Sorry it has been a week i'm not updating my blog, sorry again i'm in lazy mood.
Actually there's so much to offer...

Sakura lovers... stock coming 26pcs Sakura only for this CNY only RM620
26pcs includes:
6 dinner plate,
6 bread n butter,
2 luncheon plate,
4x21cm soup plate,
6 cereal bowl,
1x32cm serving platter,
1L soup bowl

or u have an options 12pc Sakura RM330
12pcs includes:
4 dinner plate,
4 bread butter
and 4 cereal bowl

For petite corningware fans, new design for petite type Kobe 700ml x2 + plastic cover n glass cover RM 150

16pcs lovers here back in the market, Dainty Floral design rm360 complete comes with corningware set for 1L, 1.5L & 3L only rm370.

pls refer my previous post for stock availability.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Expanding Business...

Salam to dearest customer...

For corningware lovers... petite collection to be grab!

700ml x2 pc - 1 glass cover & 1 plastic cover RM 150.
Only available for 3 design Plum, Elegant City & Pretty Pink

Just to added your kitchenware collection, you may like this item too...

6pieces of covered Versapot consist : 1.25l, 2.25l & 3.25L only RM350

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Order Open For Booking

SYUKUR, ALHAMDULILLAH TO ALLAH S.W.T and to all my dearest customer, i would say thanks a million times.

Here new stock coming for booking. Insyallah i'll be deliver stock on February (any changes will inform u earlier).

Tea set still available for Warm Pansies, Sakura, European Herbs & Kobe ONLY RM 250 per set.
Includes : 6 cup & 6 saucer.

16pc set available for:
warm pansies rm380,
Kobe rm380
European Herbs rm420
Plum rm400

21pc Warm Pansies rm580 (square)
21 pc Lillyville rm 580 (square)
21pc plum rm 700 (square)

26 pcs Lillyville rm580 (round)

Corningware 1L, 1.5L, 3L available for :
European Herbs rm 400
Lillyville rm420
Kobe rm 380
Warm Pansies rm 380

SAKURA lovers...
Corningware options:
Round size 0.8L, 1.25L & 2.25L Rm380
Square 1.5L, 3L & 5L only rm550 free 2 noodle bowl, and 3 plastic cover.

Thursday, January 7, 2010



Last 2 days...for make any booking especially customer from Melaka & KL...
coz i'll be going to your place on this coming 15 & 16 January...
I have to closed order before 10th for arrangements.
New order can only delivery on the next month February...

new update for corningware... Country rose & Preety Pink re-stock 1L, 1.5L & 3L ONLY RM 420


p/s: for those buyers...see you next week!!