Sunday, February 20, 2011

KL Trip Again

Dear valued customer, i know i've been remain silent for quite a longggg, long time.

It's not meant that i 'bungkus' my business, but a damn bz with my other task.

The business is operationally as usual, even no update post in blog, but u can always sms or email me for any stock available.

I'm going to KL deliver stock from 26 Feb- 28 Feb, booking can be done before 24 Feb...

Stock availabe
1) 21pc Wp Square RM 630
2) 26 pc Lilyville n Wp RM 650
3) 21pc square white plain RM 600
4) 18pc sakura RM 480
5) 22 pc EH RM 580
6)24 pc peranakan Special Edition RM950 dsicount RM900
7) 16 pc Plum, Lilyville and white plain RM400
8) 18 pc Country Rose RM 500

21pc square white plain RM 600


012 353 9717

Clearance Stock

Here a few stocks that unfortunately customer ordered but refused to claim (of course no RM involved) their item.

SInce i've been keeping for a quite a longggggg time... i DECLARE A Clearance sales for it!

1) 3 soup plate 21cm (European Herbs) RM35 each normal price - SALE RM30 each

2) 23oz square bowl Warm Pansies RM 35 now RM30

4) Chinese bowl SAkura RM 28 now RM 25

Interested contact me, don't worry the business is still on going n trusted ;)

012 353 9717