Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're back

Salam, thanks to all dearest customer even this trip a bit unprepared i would say, a few items been lost n frustrated, thousand apology to all customer affected, and i'll try to bring your item as been promised next delivery. Sorry again :(

Btw, business must go on...hehehe

Sakura lovers u'r lucky number one, why??
Because Pyrex just launch a jug special for Sakura Owners...

There's is another options jug but sorry i dont have the picture :( but the item have been sold at Jusco, pls check it.

For others please don't be sad, hopefully the item below heal your pain...

cutlery set available for all design n flowers.. RM150


Only RM 440

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last two days..

COUNTDOWN 2...1...***reminder last two day for make any ORDER...
Booking ended tomorrow, any order after tomorrow (FRIDAY 5/2) will be carry forward for March delivery, insyallah 6/3.

Just for review,
SAKURA lovers...
Corningware options:
Round size 0.8L, 1.25L & 2.25L Rm380

OR Square 1.5L, 3L & 5L only rm550 free 2 noodle bowl, and 3 plastic cover.

HERE LIST OF ORDER... **pls take note, if any name or item not in the list even u already make a booking pls sms me 012 353 9717**

Ieda Arif Kulai
16pcs EH x11
16pc WP x 1
26pc round Lilyville x 2
C/ware WP 1
c/ware EH 1
C/ware lillyville 1
Tea set sakura 4, WP 1 & EH 2

Faralieza KL
21pc square WP 1
Tea Set WP 1
Cware WP 1

Hani Bangi
16pc Wp x 2
Cware Wp x1
Tea Set wp x 2

Aja Seremban
Tea set WP 1

Azura Taman Melawati
Tea set WP 1
Cware WP 1
21cm WP x 5

Norli KL
Cware round Sakura
26pc Sakura

Azhar Melaka
16pc plum x 2
Cware Plum x 2
16pc WP x 1
Tea set Wp 1
Cware Wp 1
Mug WP x 6
Mug Plum x 12

Sha Setapak
Tea set EH, Kobe & Sakura

Intan KL
21pc Square WP
Tea Set WP

Zue Ipoh
Cware Dainty Flora
Cware round Sakura

Ayu Keramat
16pc WP x2

Dilla KL
16PC W/P


Norita Bkt Indah
Cware EH

Zainab Setapak
26pc Sakura
Tea set Sakura
Cware round Sakura


Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi everybody and of course corelle's lover...
For your infomation, besides of selling corelle's set, loose piece also available at reasonable n cheaper from the market price, if u have any loose item to be add on, don't hesitate to ask...

Mug available for all design only rm38 per piece.
** this mug made in Japan n it is a porcelain mug**