Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last two days..

COUNTDOWN 2...1...***reminder last two day for make any ORDER...
Booking ended tomorrow, any order after tomorrow (FRIDAY 5/2) will be carry forward for March delivery, insyallah 6/3.

Just for review,
SAKURA lovers...
Corningware options:
Round size 0.8L, 1.25L & 2.25L Rm380

OR Square 1.5L, 3L & 5L only rm550 free 2 noodle bowl, and 3 plastic cover.

HERE LIST OF ORDER... **pls take note, if any name or item not in the list even u already make a booking pls sms me 012 353 9717**

Ieda Arif Kulai
16pcs EH x11
16pc WP x 1
26pc round Lilyville x 2
C/ware WP 1
c/ware EH 1
C/ware lillyville 1
Tea set sakura 4, WP 1 & EH 2

Faralieza KL
21pc square WP 1
Tea Set WP 1
Cware WP 1

Hani Bangi
16pc Wp x 2
Cware Wp x1
Tea Set wp x 2

Aja Seremban
Tea set WP 1

Azura Taman Melawati
Tea set WP 1
Cware WP 1
21cm WP x 5

Norli KL
Cware round Sakura
26pc Sakura

Azhar Melaka
16pc plum x 2
Cware Plum x 2
16pc WP x 1
Tea set Wp 1
Cware Wp 1
Mug WP x 6
Mug Plum x 12

Sha Setapak
Tea set EH, Kobe & Sakura

Intan KL
21pc Square WP
Tea Set WP

Zue Ipoh
Cware Dainty Flora
Cware round Sakura

Ayu Keramat
16pc WP x2

Dilla KL
16PC W/P


Norita Bkt Indah
Cware EH

Zainab Setapak
26pc Sakura
Tea set Sakura
Cware round Sakura


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