Friday, April 15, 2011

Salam. here vision to be grab at only RM300
(sizes:0.8l,1.25l and 2.25l)
only one set available: interested either wait for our trip on 1May (booking can be make now) or by courier...

This may cherish your Raya set
Petite wp (available for various design) RM150
Consist: 2 x 700 ml corning ware,
1 glass cover ,
1 plastic cover
(if need another glass/plastic cover to add on, addtional RM15 for each requested cover needed)
**comes with 10 year warranty)

Interested item, do sms or email
012 353 9717/


  1. pn mmia, sy berminat dgn corelle lilyville?nk beli mcm mn ye?

  2. allo pn mmia,sy berminat dgn corelle europe herb design,yg saiz ni la,ade x?pas2 sy nk add glass cover...tq