Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hi, welcome to my blog... this is my first ever blog. But don't worry I'm a trusted businesswoman so far. Usually i sell my stuff to my friends, and it will spread to the others...
For all ladies especially mommies out there, this blog may fulfil your desire.

Here for dearest customer...OPENING SALE!!!

16pcs set Warm Pansies & Kobe only RM 380 each
**retail price rm599**

Dinner plate x 6
Bread & Butter Plate x 6
21cm Soup Plate x 2
1L serving bowl x 1
32cm serving platter x 1
(** all new in box**)

Special offer to complete your set: Tea Set includes 6 x cups & 6 Saucer (all design) RM 220
** take note: this cup NOT a porcelain cup which is MADE IN JAPAN but it is same quality like your corelle plate MADE IN USA***

Kindly contact me for any further details...

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